WATCH: Democrat Congressman Claims Free Birth Control Is A Right Under The Constitution

June 30, 2014 12:11 pmViews: 249

Hobby Lobby Obama birth control

We're pretty sure our forefathers never even remotely had the intention that their one of a kind document in the history of the world, the US Constitution, would be used to lay a claim to free birth control. But due to years of reconditioning by both liberal progressives and even some conservatives, we now have people demanding that very thing.

We even have a US Congressman demanding that as well.  Democrat Rep. Xavier Becerra was on Fox News' Chris Wallace Sunday show where they were discussing the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case and claimed that businesses should basically give a woman free birth control so she can, "exercise her rights under the Constitution."

Imagine, hundreds of thousands of soldiers have sacrificed their lives so women would have a "Constitutional right" for someone else to pay for their birth control. It doesn't get any more twisted than that.

Read part of the transcript below and watch the video after that.

"The owner has a right to his or her religious beliefs. But that doesn’t mean you get to discriminate against women if women have different beliefs than what the owner has and the woman wants to exercise her rights under the Constitution."

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