WATCH: Does Muslim Immigrant Signal To TV Camera What The “Refugee Crisis” in Europe is REALLY About?

September 8, 2015 11:21 amViews: 3417

Muslim refugee throat slash gesture

A supposed Muslim “refugee” arriving in Budapest, Hungary as part of the wave of migrants entering Europe via ships and boats crossing the Mediterranean and by trains was filmed on camera giving what some have claimed represents a beheading or slicing across the throat gesture as he was walking across a temporary refugee center train station.

The news clip shows a Hungarian TV reporter standing in front of piles of clothes and other personal items used by migrants while they were at Budapest train station.

The camera then pans around to a young man who looks directly at the camera to send an apparent message to Europe and possibly the United States. He then draws his hand across his throat, and we all know what that means.

One must ask the question as to why a huge majority of these so-called "refugees" coming from the Middle East and North Africa are able bodied males without any families in tow?

Watch the video and make your own judgement.

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