We Can’t Believe THIS Major Network Goes After Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Flip-Flops

April 20, 2015 12:32 pmViews: 503

Hillary Clinton flip flops

It's hard to believe that the network which many people referred to as the Clinton News Network shortly after Bill Clinton was elected as President back in 1992 would go after Hillary Clinton some 23 years later.

If you don't know which network we're talking about, it is none other than CNN. Back in CNN's early days they were a ground breaking news channel that broadcast news around the clock 24/7. They were decidedly liberally biased and of course pro Clinton from the start. But today with Hillary running and many experiencing Clinton fatigue with this couple always being in the spotlight, It may finally be enough even for the Clinton's most ardent supporters.

In the video below you will see CNN host John King attack Hillary over a few major points that she has flip-flopped on over the past couple of years including gay marriage, drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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