What Are The Signs Of Societal Collapse?

August 29, 2013 6:00 pmViews: 10589

What are the signs of a collapsing society?

There are dozens of different products on the market that claim to be able to help you survive a disaster, but surviving a crisis situation is only the 2nd half of the problem.

Wouldn’t it be better to actually know the signs to watch for so you can make sure you are properly prepared for the exact disaster that’s coming?

And you can do exactly that when you know the top signs to watch for.

If you know then you can take your time making sure you’re prepared before it actually happens. While everyone else is watching TV, unaware of the disaster that’s on its way, you’ll already be prepared and ready because you saw the signs and took action beforehand.

The signs of impending chaos are similar no matter what the disaster; we just haven't seen these signs on a national scale yet.

Some of the signs of an impending societal collapse are:

  • Civil disturbance - riots, angry demonstrations, mass arrests and non peaceful protests
  • Road closures and roadblock checkpoints by Military Police
  • Military vehicles being transported on flatbed trailers or railway cars en masse.
  • Fuel lines and/ or shortages
  • Fuel rations
  • Bank failures, bank closures, and bank runs - people go to banks and find they have no money to withdraw and ATMs are closed
  • Banks introducing withdrawal limits
  • Banks freezing funds "temporarily".
  • Banks taking unscheduled "holidays" or otherwise closed when they would normally be opened.
  • Food rations
  • Low product volumes on store shelves
  • Mass panic / buying and depletion of store goods
  • Increased police presence in normally peaceful areas
  • Militarization of police to include full riot gear and armored vehicles

The above are great precursors to something going terribly wrong, if you see anything like this happening you need to start taking immediate action.

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