What Will The Stock Market Do Today?

August 24, 2015 8:32 amViews: 229

What will the stock market do today

Financial markets have been roiled in the last week or so with China's stock market losing an incredible 8.5 percent this Monday and the DOW losing 888 points in the last 2 days before this past weekend. So the big question is, what will the stock market do today?

There has been a popular internet meme going around on Facebook and other social media platforms that liberals post which declares some of the successes of President Obama. One of those so called success stories is the supposed doubling of the stock market during Barack Obama's term. The only problem with that meme which liberals apparently don't understand is that the rise of this current market to record levels above 18,000 points has all been financed with debt created money that has no basis in real value.

Many financial managers have been wondering exactly when the market would crash or take a huge downturn because of the essentially fake propping up of the market. That was achieved by the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department colluding to print $85 billion a month in fiat currency which much if it ended up in stocks. Also known as quantitative easing, which sought to stimulate the economy, this happened for some 4 years to give the impression the economy was much more robust than it actually was.

With China finally coming to terms with their currency being completely overvalued and speculators fueling a real estate boom that was unsustainable, coupled with American investors seeing the fake market for what it was, Monday is looking like a huge problem for US markets. As of the posting of this article, Dow futures have plunged an astounding 660 points making for a very volatile market this morning and into the res of the day.

What will the stock market do today? It is anyone guess, but the direction will most certainly be down, and by a long ways. Get prepared.

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