When Obama Mocked The Resurrection Of Jesus, UK PM David Cameron Sets Him Straight

June 4, 2015 1:14 pmViews: 15525

David Cameron Barack Obama

The media likes to portray President Obama as a good Christian when they show him and his family coming out of church sometimes on Sunday's, but the real actions of Obama are much different than the misdirected show the media like to put on.

While Obama likes to miss National Prayer Breakfasts, or when he is there he likes to lecture Christians on what happened during the crusades when at the same time ISIS is beheading people in several different countries around the globe.

Although the video of British Prime Minister David Cameron below is from Easter of 2015, his message rings true in the hearts of believers of the Christian faith. Cameron staunchly defends the Christian church with a beautiful and encouraging message, something we never seem to get from President Obama.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think...

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