Whiny President Obama Says He Never Gets To Have Any Fun (VIDEO)

May 28, 2013 4:22 pmViews: 6266

President Obama is Not Having Fun Here

The President is not having fun in the above picture.

Apparently President Obama has forgotten he goes golfing every chance he gets and flies to all kinds of exotic destinations for family vacations costing taxpayers millions for security and Air Force One flights including escort and cargo planes. In a statement praising the Jersey Shore and crews getting the new Asbury Park Boardwalk rebuilt and open for business in record time, Obama, while hanging out with RINO Governor Chris Christie, whined a little bit and commented, "if they ever let me have any fun, I'd have some fun here." Really, just who are they? Doesn't the President already get to have enough fun on our dime?

Here is the President's statement in context with the video after that:

“And I’ve got to say, if they ever let me have any fun, I’d have some fun here. I was telling my staff on the ride over, yeah, I can see being a little younger and having some fun on the Jersey Shore. I can’t do that anymore. Maybe after I leave office. I think a friend of mine from here once put it pretty well, ‘Down the Shore everything’s all right.’”

Oh, and let's not forget the multi-million dollar parties Obama throws with the Hollywood elite every now and then. We don't suppose any of those are fun.

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