White House Burns Through $52 Million Of Taxpayer Money On Obamacare Ads In Just 3 Months

March 20, 2014 11:34 amViews: 726

Obama burning money

You know Barack Obama and company are absolutely desperate to bump up the Obamacare enrollment numbers with the looming March 31st deadline. However, with a billion dollar Healthcare.gov website, $1.8 billion per year to run the site and now a $58 million advertising bill for just 3 months worth of propaganda ads, the disaster that is becoming Obamacare is already billions in the hole.

This administration spends money like it belongs to no one and they can just print it at will whenever they want (which is pretty much what they are doing). With a ridiculous amount of money spent on advertising, it seems as though the sky is the limit when it comes to the American taxpayer. Where did Obama and his cronies get the authorization to spend this kind of payola without congressional approval?

Compared to the other costs associated with Obamacare, the $58 million for advertising in 3 months seems minor, but it is the callous attitude about who's money it really is that has many people incensed. And further, if Obamacare is such a masterful plan, if it is such a grandiose solution to what ails medical care, if Barack Obama has spent almost his entire presidential career flying around the country promoting this fiasco, why, oh why it is required to waste an additional $58 million in 3 months to further promote this rusty anchor.

They tax us into oblivion so they can use our money to feed us propaganda. And some people actually like it.

Read more below from the New York Times:

Russian troops were rolling through Crimea when Denis R. McDonough, the White House chief of staff and a foreign policy expert, was deployed on a mission to do media outreach. But the focus of Mr. McDonough’s calls to local talk radio stations was not geopolitical tensions in Eastern Europe, it was health care.

Mr. McDonough chatted with Andy Baskin and Jeff Phelps, hosts of a popular sports talk radio program on WKRK-FM (92.3) in Cleveland, about the coming N.F.L. draft, basketball at the White House and his days playing college football in Minnesota. Mr. McDonough then pitched a new website featuring games, videos and superstar athletes explaining the benefits of health insurance: a sports-themed portal toHealthCare.gov.

“We’ve all seen it happen,” said Mr. McDonough, promoting the portal, GamePlan4Me, to the hosts of “Baskin & Phelps” and their mostly young, mostly male audience. “Somebody’s playing hoops, and they blow out a knee or something. And then all of a sudden, if you don’t have health care, you’re going to bankrupt yourself.”

Persuading millions of young people — especially African-Americans and Latinos — to buy insurance using HealthCare.gov is consuming every spare moment at the White House as President Obama and his aides race against a March 31 deadline, when enrollment ends for the year. They are waging their final public relations push with a zeal that underscores how critical success is for Mr. Obama’s political legacy, and how far behind they remain. [...]

From January until the end of March, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which runs the HealthCare.gov site and administers the Affordable Care Act, will have spent $52 million on paid media, officials said. Conservative opponents of the law have concentrated their spending on ads focusing on Democratic candidates and sowing doubts about the viability of the law.

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