White House Finally Admits Sequester Was Obama’s Idea (VIDEO)

March 3, 2013 11:42 amViews: 10877

Gene Sperling Meet the Press

Even after liberal columnist Bob Woodward was threatened by the White House and berated by his own liberal colleagues for stating that the budget sequester was in fact, Barack Obama's idea, the White House kept blaming Republicans for the mess. But now, on Meet The Press with David Gregory this morning, the man who sent the threatening email to Bob Woodward, Gene Sperling admitted that, yes, in fact, sequestration was President Obama's plan.

Sperling admitted it in a quite round about way as David Gregory finally dragged it out of him, which we find fairly extraordinary for Mr Gregory, and did get Sperling to admit it originated with Obama. However, Sperling likened the President's idea to giving a mugger your watch instead your wallet in a hold up. Here's what he said below:

"Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine gave this analogy, "A mugger comes up to you and says, give me your wallet, you say, I don't have my wallet, but here's my watch. Well, technically giving your watch was your idea.""

So a presidential adviser is likening Boehner and the Republican Congress to mugging Obama and forcing this idea out of him. Watch the video exchange below from Meet The Press this morning and see that awkward exchange between Sperling and Gregory. The video also includes a segment where President Obama lies in the debate and says the sequester was not his idea, which we now know not to be true.

Watch below:

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