Why Hasn’t The Obama Administration Been Classified as a Hate Group?

August 31, 2015 8:54 pmViews: 1032

The Obama Sharpton hate group

With the cadre of racist and hateful characters the Obama Administration kowtows to someone must ask the question, why hasn't Barack Hussein Obama and the entire Obama Administration been classified as a hate group? Seriously, Elizabeth Hasselbeck asks the question why the Black Lives Matter group that has encouraged so much rioting and basically killing cops, hasn't been classified as a hate group, well, why the hell hasn't Obama and his team of criminals been classified as a hate group as well?

President Obama associates with Al Sharpton who works for the liberal state run media outlet of MSNBC, and at the same time brings his particular brand of grievance, race baiting histrionics to whatever location it is to defend thugs who tried to either rob people or assault cops or citizens, and then got killed in the process. Sharpton's race-baiting has been responsible for more deaths and destruction of property than you can count yet he still has a job at MSNBC and gets called on by Obama on a regular basis.

Then there is the lunatic, fire breathing, hate spewing Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who has called for 10,000 men to, "Kill those who kill us" and in the midst of all this hate, Obama says absolutely nothing. No telling Louis Farrakhan to tone it down, no repudiating his hateful and dangerous rhetoric (frankly the man should be arrested for his latest threat), nothing from Obama. In fact, even after Facebook deletes a picture of Obama in prison and blocks a conservative news Facebook page, they won't delete Farrakhan's post because they claim it's doesn't violate their terms of service, yet a silly photo of Obama behind bars does violate their terms?

How is that even possible unless they are being directed to promote such hate from bigger interests, such as maybe the hate group of the Obama Administration and Barack Obama himself?

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