Why I Hate Politics

April 11, 2016 11:36 amViews: 631

Here's why politics sucks!

Let's face it, politics sucks! While you may be on one side or another and support those things that are the foundation of the principles you believe in as an American citizen, you have to admit the political process we now go through to elect a president every four years has turned into an absolute mess.

What I find most destructive about the who political game is that each candidate on each side tears apart the other candidates in their own party during the primaries and then they all think they're going to join hands and act like they love each other during the general election.

Why is there no sense of loyalty to make each political party better during the primaries while each candidate slings mud at members of their own party.

My theory is that candidates don't really care about you and me, they just desperately want to win at all costs. In reality, they are truly selfish. Watch the video below for more on why today's politics is a complete sham...

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