Why Is The Department Of Homeland Security Buying 2,700 Armored Vehicles? (VIDEO and PHOTOS)

March 4, 2013 4:04 pmViews: 9399


Exactly why does the Department Of Homeland Security need 2,700 ‘Mine Resistant Protected’ vehicles for roaming the streets of the United States? Does the government feel threatened? Is there an imminent terrorist threat we as American citizens need to know about? Has there ever been a threat in the United States that requires the use of "mine resistant protected" vehicles?

Why the need for this ridiculous over-the-top display of force? Is it meant associate the DHS with fear and awe to intimidate American citizens and if so, why. Do we need to get familiar with this kind of display of government force?

And who paid for these obviously very expensive vehicles? I did some checking around on the cost of these armored behemoths that actually took quite a while to get the info and found out that the Santa Barbara California police department received a similar vehicle weighing 18,000 pounds back in the middle of 2010 at a cost of $242,909. So that means all 2,717 "tanks" ordered by the DHS could cost $659,983,753 in 2010 dollars. Apparently we have plenty of money for the things that the government deems necessary.

Check out some pictures below and the video of what this vehicle is capable of:

Homeland Security armored vehicle
Department of Homeland Security armored vehicle
DHS armored vehicle
DHS armored vehicles in America

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