Why It Doesn’t Matter How Much Walmart’s CEO Makes

December 20, 2015 8:00 pmViews: 3065

Walmart CEO makes how much?

One of the things we constantly hear from liberals and presidential candidates such as Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is how unfair it is for people to be rich and how much more CEO's of corporations such as Walmart and how Walmart workers don't make enough money because their CEO makes way too much money.

In reality, Walmart is so huge, they do so much volume in sales and they hire so many employees, what the CEO makes has very little to do with how much the average Walmart worker makes. In fact, there is almost no relation at all between what the CEO makes and what an employee is paid.

Don't be fooled by liberals and union thugs, here's the math on why the Walmart CEO gouging his employees is absolute baloney.

Watch the video below...

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