Why Romney Won and Obama Lost The First Presidential Debate Wednesday Night

October 4, 2012 2:03 pmViews: 86

There is a very good reason Barack Obama was trounced, I mean annihilated, by Mitt Romney in Wednesday's first Presidential Debate moderated by PBS' Jim Lehrer. If you watched the debate as I did, you saw President Obama with is head down, not being aggressive and not acting like he was very confident in what he was saying behind the podium or what he had done as president for the last 4 years.

Why did he get trounced by Romney last night? There's a simple answer to that. Obama almost always talks to audiences that want to hear messages of class warfare and dependency on government, but when that message is taken to the country as a whole, not only does the entire country not believe it, President Obama doesn't believe it either.

Why doesn't the President believe it? Because it is nothing but soundbites. There is simply no substance to the president's message because it is nothing more than a campaign message. It's hard to believe he has actually been president for 4 years. He sounds like he's been campaigning for his entire presidency.

He travels around the country on Air Force One at a cost of $184,000 per hour, and repeats the same lines to different, willing audiences about how the rich should pay their fair share, and how they should contribute just a little bit more to reduce the deficit and he can say that in front of an audience that believes that nonsense, but when he stands on a national stage where all of America is listening, that message is nothing but soundbites.

And these sound bites is all the president has been saying for the last 4 years of his presidency and frankly, people are tired of it. What does he mean when he says those who succeed should contribute just a little bit more? Is that not just a sound bite? So someone like Mitt Romney who pays $3 million in taxes every year needs to contribute just a little bit more because that's not enough to fund the whims of more government? When is the government ever going to reduce how much they spend?

It became very evident early in the debate Wednesday night that the president knew he couldn't keep campaigning in a mixed audience without the benefit of the lap dog media. President Obama said a couple of times that Romney's tax plans wouldn't work simply based on the math. He said, "It’s -- it’s math. It’s arithmetic." but he never offered one statistic or equation to back up that statement as contrasted by Romney's plethora of statistics and numbers he kept throwing out as if he was an electronic encyclopedia.

Obama also tried desperately to bring those rich millionaires and billionaires into the debate once again when he claimed that Donald Trump was a small business man under Romney's definition, but since it was just another sound bite, President Obama said that with so little conviction that Romney took it apart in his next statement.

But the bottom line is this, Obama's message of class warfare and government spending to boost the economy can only be preached to those willing to hear it. He has to have a captive audience when saying nothing more than campaign slogans. Conversely, Mitt Romney's message, whether he carries it out or not because we know how most politicians work, is one of growth, better jobs, success and freedom from government intervention to make things better and that message can be preached to nearly the entire country. Who doesn't want to hear that?

So the score is Romney one, Obama zero!

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