Why We No Longer Demand Truth From Media and Government

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Almost everyone admits there is something very wrong in America, but depending on which political movement you most identify with, the cause of and the solution to the problems we face look like very different things. Unfortunately and for some phenomenally weird reason, we seem to have the 2 most disliked candidates in the history of US elections on the ballot for the presidential run of 2016.

One party, the Democrats, have chosen as their candidate possibly the most corrupt figure in American political history in Hillary Clinton, and the Republican party has chosen a man who is hardly a conservative, is a master at avoiding giving coherent answers to direct questions and is probably the biggest Washington outsider in American political history. That person is Donald Trump.

In a recent article by self-help guru Deepak Chopra, Chopra seems to think the rise of Mr Trump is easily explained away by, "all the dark impulses--hatred, aggression, sadism, selfishness, jealousy, resentment, sexual transgression--that are hidden out of sight." Chopra calls these dark impulses, "the shadow" and that, "When the shadow breaks out, what's wrong is right."

Unfortunately, what the real problem tends to be, which is apparently blindly overlooked by the very late-to-the-party Deepak Chopra, with his, "what's wrong is right" observation, is that people have become abysmally uninterested in the truth of what is really happening in the world around them.

Part of the reason people end up so uninterested in the truth of many matters very vital to the survival of our culture and of western civilization in general, is that it takes time to figure out the truth. Getting to the bottom of matters is a difficult, messy and time consuming endeavor. It isn't found in the trending section of Facebook news (which can to be at least 2 to 3 days behind the actual trend), it isn't found in 140 character soundbites from a platform that carries a negative net worth of more than $2 billion, in Twitter, and it isn't found in a quick sermon preached or shouted out to you in one of a million churches on any given Sunday morning.

It takes time to find out what really happened in any given situation involving diverse personalities, be it a single person or hundreds to thousands of persons, when everyone and especially every news organization has an agenda they want pushed to the front of the media narrative. Finding the truth of the news, separate from the agenda being pushed can be a difficult task.

Social media isn't doing that good of a job of getting it right as the inventors of platforms such as Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey who created Facebook and Twitter had planned. While news travels much faster across the collective consciousness now that the world can be made aware of happenings as far away as you can possibly get on this globe in mere seconds, the truth follows fairly far behind the notification of an event taking place. Sometimes the truth doesn't follow at all.

Mass shootings and white cop shoots black perpetrator or white cops involved in death of black perp are the best examples of how difficult it can be to find the actual truth and then stick with that truth of an issue. It has even happened now that a black Milwaukee cop shot and killed a black man, with the usual endless criminal record, when he pointed a gun at him after a car and then a subsequent foot chase. For some black youth, the facts are so muddled up in their biased brains they were seen on video roaming the highways of Milwaukee looking for random white people to assault.

It also has almost becoming routine to the point of conspiracy that when a mass shooting happens there are at first, eye witness reports of several shooters, police are always looking for 2 to 3 other gunmen and the gunman is almost always, "on the loose." Then just a few to several hours later we find out there were no other shooters involved and the "lone gunman" is dead.

That storyline is so regular now that one begins to wonder if someone is almost planning this. Maybe it is an effect of every big news organization wanting to get the breaking story or maybe it just is an effect of the chaos that surrounds tragedies like this, but there is a tremendously poor job of the news of events such as this being reported these days. What social media has produced is an absolute rush to judgement based on little to no evidence or solid information. Millions are guilty of formulating their entire knowledge of an event based on 140 character soundbites tweeted out and punctuated by various trending hashtags.

Of course when the right number of factors fits the right profile of a certain case involving a white on black shooting be it a cop or civilian, the black grievance industry goes into full protest and riot mode while Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are called in to inflame the situation to a fevered pitch so as to lay all the blame at the feet of the "white man's" judicial system.

Many, many times in these situations, as what rioters on the streets of Milwaukee believed, there is a narrative created that simply has no basis in facts whatsoever. As in the case of black perpetrator Mike Brown who was shot and killed by white office Darren Wilson, the story line and the clarion call was, "Hands up, don't shoot," but in reality, that turned out to be a completely fabricated fantasy. The powers that be wanted you to believe one thing, while the reality of the situation was far different, as proved by eye witnesses, forensic evidence, video surveillance and a full grand jury trial.

The simple fact is, Mike Brown was shot by officer Darren Wilson because Brown was reaching for Wilson's gun, had struck Wilson in the face and then rushed the officer, causing Wilson to perceive he felt an immediate threat to his life.

Despite these incontrovertible facts including Brown's DNA evidence on Wilson's gun confirming Brown attempted to take it from Wilson, the myth still perpetuates that "nice guy" Mike Brown was shot in the back with his hands up (Do "gentle giant" nice guys usually rob convenience stores and shove store owners in a threatening way?). Nothing could be further from the truth. Despite this reality of cold, hard facts, and overwhelming evidence to the contrary, some hip celebrities and sports stars wore or printed up t-shirts, gave speeches and some even protested at nationally televised sporting events running onto a football field and basketball court with their hands in the air to perpetuate the "Hands up, don't shoot" narrative that could not have been more of a lie.

To add insult to injury and further inflame racial tensions in America, Democratic Party Candidate Hillary Clinton invited Mike Brown's mother and Trayvon Martin's mother to speak at the Democratic National Convention at the end of July 2016. For Hillary Clinton to promote such foolishness when the law clearly exonerated both officer Wilson in the Mike Brown case and George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case (despite MSNBC altering a 911 call recording), at both the local and federal judicial level, is to give an air of legitimacy to the "Hands up, don't shoot" narrative as being real when the truth was it was a purposely manipulated falsehood. And Hillary Clinton, as a candidate for president, should know this was a purposeful lie.

So what does that say about how Democrats perceive the truth when they invite the mother of a persons responsible for their own deaths because one assaulted a police officer and the other an armed civilian, to speak at their national convention and continue to perpetuate a blatantly false storyline? It says that people who do things in this manner care very little for the truth and are more interested in promoting an agenda, remaining popular in the black community and pandering for votes instead of seeking out truth.

While there has been some difficulty in obtaining Brown's juvenile criminal record before he turned 18, just 3 months before he died, there is no doubt Brown participated in a strong arm robbery at a local convenience store, was high on pot, was in possession of marijuana and assaulted a police officer then trying to steal his weapon before he was shot and killed. It is a harsh thing for some to hear, but for all the signs made, protests held and calls of "Justice for Mike Brown," the reality is justice worked itself out when Mike Brown was shot for assaulting a police officer. If you try to steal a police officer's weapon, there is a very good chance you will be shot and killed. That's how this is supposed to work.

I have recently come across a term known as, "suicide by police" or "suicide by cop" where an individual purposely assaults a police officer with intent to kill and they end up being killed by the officer. What do individuals think is going to happen when they assault an officer, try to steal their gun and attempt to kill said officer, or purposely point a gun or shoot a gun at a cop? In the ensuing scuffle or melee, if the officer being assaulted can get control of their weapon there is an extremely high chance the perpetrator is going to be shot and killed by that officer. This is exactly what happened, but certain elements of the black grievance industry refuse to come to terms with this in the case of Mike Brown.

While his mother, Lesley McSpadden, who was invited to but did not speak at the Democratic Convention wanted to claim Mike was a good boy and did not have a criminal record, surveillance tapes, toxicology reports, black eye witnesses, DNA reports and police officer testimony all confirm Mike Brown was acting exactly like a criminal would act leading up to his justifiable death.

So why would Hillary Clinton want the mother of a criminal, who tried to kill a cop, after robbing a store, while high on pot, to speak at the DNC convention? Who are the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton representing by using people in a manner such as this? It is obvious they are pandering to a certain element of society for votes. One would think that such blatant pandering to such a small percentage of individuals who actually think Mike Brown was a saint, would be completely offset by the majority of people who believe what the true evidence shows, but the truth is, politicians pander to so many groups of people, multitudes likely come under some form of manipulation which sways their vote.

So, this really isn't about truth any longer. Pandering to voters instead of telling the truth has become today's political norm. Individuals may think they are interested in truth and they may think they trust a certain politician enough that they would hear the truth from that person, but that is hardly ever the case in today's political climate.

Then again, has pursuit of the truth ever been the case?


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