Why Were The First Release Of “Facts” On Newtown Connecticut Shooting So Wrong?

December 18, 2012 12:55 pmViews: 837

Sadly, mass shootings have become all too common. Even though these horrific killings are not on the rise at all, we get to see round the clock coverage of each one in stunning detail. Every politician, news network and news website covers them endlessly. However, one interesting detail about the latest mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut that doesn't seem to be getting that much coverage is the amount of "facts" the news media simply got wrong when this story started to break.

As the story of the massacre of 20 first grade and kindergarten boys and girls and 6 adults started to emerge, we heard that Ryan Lanza was the name of the shooter, only to have it turn out it was in fact his brother Adam who was the killer (apparently Adam was carrying Ryan's ID, who knows why?). Once it was established it was Adam who was the killer, it was reported that he went into his mother's classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary and killed her and all of her students. It turns out Adam's mother never worked at the school and may have not even volunteered there.

It was also said that Adam killed his father and his body was found at home. Actually it was Adam's mother's body which was found in the house that he occupied with her. She was shot several times in the face. Immediately after the massacre it was also reported that Adam's girlfriend, or one of his brother's girlfriends, and one of her friends were also missing. When that bizarre fact was ironed out, it turns out the friend of the girlfriend was in California. Good heavens, what was that all about?

I don't know if this was pure media manipulation, just plain ignorance or something darker, but the initial reporting of this horrible tragedy was poor, wrong and misleading. It turns out that two of the videos we posted here at IsThatBaloney.com contained wrong items as well based on the erroneous information we initially gathered. Those videos have since been taken down.

Even after the Aurora Colorado theater massacre during a showing of Batman The Dark Knight Rises, some of the information that cam out at first was in error, but not to the level as in this latest mass shooting. One has to wonder just what happened in this case and why nearly everything that initially came out at first was wrong. We may never know.

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