Will Joe Biden Get Away With Derogatory “Garden Variety Slap Across The Face” Domestic Violence Comment

March 14, 2013 11:17 amViews: 8190

Joe Biden "garden variety slap across the face"

Vice President Joe Biden has ratcheted up his gaffe meter to levels unheard of by any other politician that still has his or her job. In what is probably one of the worst, if the the worst, gaffes the VP has ever uttered across his prone to stupidity lips, he said that some acts of violence towards women are just a "garden variety slap across the face" as if this is an every day occurrence for some women.

Biden was at an event on Wednesday to announce new grant money to help reduce domestic violence homicides when he made the epic gaffe. While all politicians once in a while say something stupid, in fact, all of us do, Joe Biden takes the cake on glaring stupidity. These kind of remarks by the VP happen on nearly a daily basis, but rarely does the media even touch his near lunacy.

If Todd Akin, or George W Bush, or Dan Quayle, or Paul Ryan, or Mitt Romney, or any other of a thousand Republicans were to make a statement like that, women's groups and liberal feminazi groups would be marching through out Washington DC and state capitols demanding the resignation of whoever said such nonsense. However, when it is the second in command of the United States under the golden boy Obama, the State Run Media will remain completely silent about this gaffe. Biden can be a boorish, pushy and overbearing male while he makes derogatory comments about women and the serious issue of domestic violence, but no one will call him out on his attitude or remarks. We have certainly entered a different time in our nation when this kind of idiocy from a Vice President happens all too frequently and bias from the press simply covers it up.

Watch VP Joe Biden utter his epic gaffe below. It comes at the end of the 33 second video:

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