Will Michelle Obama Run For President?

October 7, 2013 11:59 amViews: 3529

Michelle Obama for President?

Is it possible that we could be stuck with the Obama family in the White House for another eight years?

Rumors are being spread around that Michelle Obama is considering making a run for President of the United States in 2016. Some are pointing to her public relations push, including her cover of Vogue magazine, as a way for her to become even more recognizable with voters, as if she isn't already. Mrs. Obama does not have any prior political experience, but of course that certainly did not stop her husband Barack with only 140 days present in the Senate, from being President.

Most rumors about a Democratic ticket in 2016 focus on Hillary Clinton’s expected candidacy and a Hillary ticket would be quite hard for any Democrat to overcome. It most likely wouldn’t go over too well with Hillary to have Michelle Obama running as President especially when her and Bill are the de facto leaders of the party. Hillary wasn’t too happy losing to Barack back in 2008, but maybe it would make sense for Hillary and Michelle to run on the same ticket.

In fact, there are already Hillary/Michelle bumper stickers for sale online.

It is important to note that neither Hillary or Michelle have made any official comment about the 2016 race, but this is exactly how the marketing game of becoming president works. If they were to announce their intentions now, it would be a media circus for the next couple of years and Barack would have an even tougher time being taken seriously instead of the joke that he really is.

Do you think Republicans would be able to beat a Clinton/Obama Democratic ticket in 2016? Leave your comments below...

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