Wow, Hillary Clinton Could Face This Many Years in Prison For Email Espionage

October 19, 2015 2:20 pmViews: 1477

Hillary Clinton may be going to prison

I hope you aren't swayed by Hillary Clinton's casual dismissal in the debate last week of her egregious scandal of having a private email server at her home while Secretary of State and receiving classified information over an unsecured email account and computer.

While Hillary's liberal defenders want to stick up for her and say that she technically did not break the law in having the server in her home, they obviously do not know about the Federal Espionage Act which includes a provision that criminalizes "gross negligence" by those who are in charge of safeguarding national defense information which of course the Secretary of State would qualify for.

Either Obama said something did know about Hillary's email server or he is just trying to cover for her because this past Sunday on 60 Minutes, President Obama claimed that he wasn't aware Hillary was operating her home based email server while she was Secretary of State. Unfortunately for Obama, that presents quite a problem because if what he just said on 60 Minutes wasn't true, he was just lying once again to America's face and if his statement was true, then he just implicated Hillary in violating the Federal Espionage Act because it was her responsibility to tell him what she was doing.

The text of the Espionage Act makes it criminal act of any security clearance holder who fails to notify his or her "superior officer" when a breach of security occurs through such negligence. 
And guess what the penalty for such an act is? It's 10 years in prison. That's right, Hillary Clinton could be facing 10 years in prison, just for not letting Obama know what she was doing with her email server.
We'd LOVE to see Hillary Clinton go to jail! Let us know in the comments below if you'd like to see her spend some time in prison too.

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