You Won’t Believe What CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Tweeted About Hate Speech and The Constitution

May 7, 2015 3:07 pmViews: 539

Chris Cuomo Twitter

Former ABC News personality Chris Cuomo who recently went to CNN got his Twitter feed all filled up with people who are not too happy with what he tweeted out about what he deemed to be hate speech a few days ago.

In a Tweet that went out early Wednesday morning, Cuomo said hate speech is not protected under the Constitution.

Twitter user Brett MacDonald tweeted that “too many people are trying to say hate speech =/= free speech,” to which Cuomo replied, “it doesn’t. hate speech is excluded from protection. don’t just say you love the constitution…read it.”

Of course the big question is, what is hate speech and who gets to define it? Obviously Christians and Muslims, and liberals and conservatives have a big difference as to the opinion on this one. The subject at hand right now is the Pamela Geller draw Muhammad contest that attracted two terrorists who were shot dead before they could inflict any harm on Ms Geller and attendees a her "free speech" event in Garland Texas.

Here is some of the Twitter conversation:

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