You Won’t Believe What The State Of Florida Just Did To The American Flag

June 15, 2015 2:25 pmViews: 12649

Florida American flags

Whether it's because of run-ins with the police such as in Baltimore or Ferguson, or because the main stream media constantly harps on racism almost non-stop, social media today is flooded with people stepping on and desecrating the American flag and challenging others to act the same and post photos showing their unpatriotic acts.

Equally concerning to many people is that many of the American flags for sale in the United States are actually manufactured in China. That just doesn't sit right with so many patriots that at least one state has stepped up to the plate and remedied the situation.

Florida just put a law into place that bans importing American flags from other countries, which mostly come from China. Almost  94% of new American flags are not made in America. Therefore, Governor Rick Scott signed the “All-American Flag Act” into law which states that after July 1, 2015, "requires U.S. flag or state flag that is purchased on or after specified date by the state, county, or municipality for public use to be made in U.S."

Thank you the state of Florida for standing up for patriotism. Let's hope we can get 49 other states to follow.

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