Your Home Is Only As Strong As Its Weakest Point

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What is Your Home's Weakest LnkA home is only as strong as its weakest point and the weakest point in your home is the last place you would think to defend.

Most Americans consider their front door the place where an intruder will attack, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Criminals know that front doors are tough to break down in most cases, so they normally skip past them and go after the low hanging fruit…

Most homes built in the last 50 years have backdoors made out of the flimsiest aluminum frame and easy to break glass. Yes, I’m talking about your patio door…

A full 85% of patio doors are “locked” with small, under 1-inch hooks, that latch into an aluminum frame.

A medium sized man can rip those hooks right out of the in under 3 minutes and then lift the entire door out of its frame.

By adding a simple steel drop-down security bar to your sliding glass door you can prevent any criminal from ever jimmying your door open and you can even make your own with about $25 worth of materials from Home Depot.

A security bar will keep your door from being forced open, but what about all that glass?

One flick of a crook’s crowbar will shatter every inch of your patio door. But if you follow this simple tip you can stop that bastard in his tracks…

Safety film like Ultra Prestige Safety Film from 3M will turn your wimpy glass doors into unbreakable panes of transparent steel when applied properly. Bricks, hammers and crowbars will just crack the glass and bounce off, leaving the crook scratching his head and moving on to an easier target down the road.

Criminals are lazy, that’s why they are criminals, and if you just take a few simple steps to make your home a harder target to hit they’ll just move on to easier prey every time.

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